Maple Syrup Color Grade Changes

Maple Syrup Color Grade Changes

Typically, change comes in the name of improvement. I don't like change. Making change requires more work. Always skeptical that the ends don't justify the means, it is my experience that more time, more effort, and more money, is always required to make change, even though the result may look like progress. As a group, I think farmers are also suspicious of new ideas. They can't afford mistakes, although, they notoriously welcome new technology willing to try anything that makes the job easier! Masters of efficiency, they methodically adopt ideas that result in greater understanding and productivity and throw out ideas that cost time or money. That is how I felt about this new grading system. My first reaction was annoyance that I would have to spend extra time explaining that what we used to call Grade A Fancy or "light amber" is now "Golden" with a "Delicate taste", and now "Medium Amber" is just "Amber" with a "rich taste"....and so on and so on. I was also angry that I might have to discard my old USDA certified Grading kit that I've had for I don't know maybe A MILLION years!  But, as I let it sink in, and knowing full well I would have to comply with industry standards and the majority opinion, I took a closer look and discovered that this new system is much more consumer friendly than the old one and my customers were going to easily decide which of the four flavors they were looking for. I also realized, (luckily before I opened my mouth and closed my mind) that the colors are the SAME as the old ones, they just have different names! So, take a look, cuz I don't think there's a damn thing we can do about it.                                                                




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