Sourcing Locally #92

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Sourcing Locally #92

Ironically, as the world gets bigger and bigger, I try to keep my business closer to home. My mission, my dream, really, is to be completely self-sustainable. This is a maple farm, but the restaurant and shop require a lot more resources than just maple syrup. There are hundreds of ways, large and small, that I find to source as locally as possible to support the community and provide the best quality products. 

Today I am focusing on my need to dry my own strawberries. It is an important component of our Summer Muesli, and it has been difficult to find a pure and unadulterated dehydrated strawberry. I rely on a few wholesale companies for products such as cashews that just don't grow in our northern Catskill Mountains. Our seasons are brilliantly colorful but described as "Winter and the Fourth of July." and, at first dried strawberries was one of the things I was ordering from them. They tasted like candy, not surprisingly because they were coated with corn syrup.. Not local and definitely not healthy. So, I started ordering plain old dehydrated strawberries. However, I wasn't pleased with those either because they were so airy, almost foamy, and would stick and squish together. 

My four seasons muesli is one of my newer products that is a big hit, especially with my daughter. Only the Summer flavor needs dried strawberries, so I decided I was capable of drying enough strawberries myself with my own dehydrator and locally grown berries. 

Each season of muesli has a raw oats base. On top of that, I add chia seeds, hemp hearts, buckwheat groats, and flax which create great texture. The fruits and nuts differentiate the flavors. Summer features dried blueberries and strawberries and almonds. 



Once all of the ingredients are tossed together, I label bags, and fill them up. Even though the bag says 8 oz. it's a generous 9 1/2 because there's a certain fullness that feels just right and I don't believe in a wimpy bag of muesli!

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